Protected holiday…Travel with confidence!

Designed to protect your holiday, the insurance of Residence Sunrise Cesenatico guarantees you and your family a safe and relaxed travel. We chose for you the travel insurance of Europ Assistance, one of the most trusted brand and most popular breakdown cover insurer, safeguarding you for the full duration of your camping holiday, from the time you book until the time your come back to your home. The travel insurance of Residence Sunrise Cesenatico guarantees significant benefits such as:

  • Refund in case of application of penalty fees due to cancellation;
  • Refund in case of application of penalty fees due to cancellation (including COVID-19);
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses in case of injury or disease (including COVID-19);
  • Medical assistance during the trip;
  • Repeat trip due to re-entry for medical reasons and early re-entry;
  • Vehicle Assistance within national borders;
  • Assistance to family members at home.

Simply relax and enjoy your holiday: our travel insurance will help you do that! The Europ Assistance holiday insurance is included when you stay for 7 nights or more.

Cancellations due to restrictions by CORONA VIRUS
In case of closures of geographical areas, regulated by Local or State measures that do not allow to go on holiday, Residence Sunrise, as a full guarantee of its guests, will provide a voucher of the entire amount paid, expendable within one year from the date of check in provided in the original booking.  

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